Marucci Trea Turner Pro Maple Wood Baseball Bat 31 IN

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Marucci Trea Turner Pro Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MVE3TVT-MBK/SM

Constructed with the versatile player in mind, this Marucci Trae Turner Pro Maple Wood Bat can spray it in the gaps and hit it out of the park!

Bat Benefits

Marucci builds their pro-level wood bats with the highest quality maple wood that is going to exist on the bat market. And Marucci doesn't stop there. Once they've cut the bat to the exact specifications desired by the pro player, they then bone rub the bat. To do this, they take each bat's barrel and press it hard against an animal bone while moving that barrel up and down the bone. This process compresses the maple bat's grains tightly together and makes the bat denser. Denser bats will hit the ball sharper and further!

This specific bat is built in the design preferred by Trea Turner. Although Trea exemplifies a lot of characteristics of a contact hitter, his bat is actually quite barrel-heavy as it features a good-sized barrel and a thin handle. That being said, Marucci does mention that the manner in which the handle tapers into the knob should allow for improved bottom hand control. Overall, JustBats would call this bat a power hitter model.