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NikeCourt Air Zoom Zero Men's Tennis Shoe | Midway Sports.NikeCourt Air Zoom Zero Men's Tennis Shoe | Midway Sports.

Whether you're a recreational athlete or an experienced, competitive-level player, you'll find the perfect men's tennis shoes to take your game to the next level at Midway Sports. 

Our selection of men's tennis shoes for sale includes high-performance shoes from top brands known for their advanced engineering, superior quality, durability and style. Dominate the court with confidence and comfort, and place your order today. 

Why Your Footwear Matters in Tennis

When it comes to playing tennis, footwear contributes to the quality of your game. Athletic footwear is more than just about looks—it's designed for a purpose. 

Each sport has unique movements and demands on the body. This is why different activities call for shoes with specific features and capabilities. Tennis shoes are designed for the multidirectional movements, sharp turns, and quick stops that are distinct to the game. 

Using running shoes or any other type of athletic footwear may not provide the necessary support and protection for your feet, which could lead to injuries and poor performance on the court. For these reasons, it's crucial to invest in a quality pair of tennis shoes that perform just as well as you do on the court. 

Here are some features and capabilities unique to footwear designed for the sport of tennis: 

Lateral Support: Maneuverability and Stability

Tennis requires swift side-to-side movements, sudden stops, and pivots, which place considerable stress on your ankles and feet. Tennis shoes are specially designed to provide the necessary support, leading to enhanced maneuverability and stability on the court. Running shoes, on the other hand, mainly offer forward motion support and could result in reduced balance and control while playing tennis.

Outrigger: Adjusting to Rapid Changes

A tennis shoe's outrigger is an extended outer sole that prevents the shoes from rolling over when making sharp, abrupt turns. The outrigger provides a more comprehensive base for maintaining stability and enhances your ability to rapidly change directions without losing balance. 

Toe Guard: Protection Against Dragging

Tennis players often find themselves dragging their toes on the court, particularly when serving or making swift moves near the net. Tennis shoes incorporate a durable toe guard to protect against wear and tear from frequent contact with court surfaces. Other types of athletic footwear, such as running and basketball shoes, typically lack this feature, which can result in premature wear and inadequate protection.

Flat Outsoles: Essential for Court Traction

Unlike running shoes, which typically have curved soles, tennis shoes are designed with flat outsoles to provide consistent contact with the court's surface. This feature maximizes traction, allowing you to move effortlessly across the court without slipping or losing your balance. 

What to Look for in Men's Tennis Shoes 

When choosing a pair of tennis shoes, it pays to do your research. Consider the following factors when shopping from our men's tennis footwear selection. 


This characteristic is essential for comfort and shock absorption in tennis shoes. Midway Sports offers shoes equipped with high-quality, responsive cushioning that not only provides comfort but also helps minimize the risk of injuries on the court.


Tennis shoes must provide adequate support for lateral movements. We carry tennis shoes with the necessary support structures catering to all types of foot arches and playing styles.


Tennis shoes need to withstand the wear and tear of the sport. Midway Sports chooses shoes made from high-quality materials, ensuring that your investment stands the test of time and allows you to perform at your best, game after game.


We offer men's tennis shoes with high-quality, non-marking rubber soles that provide excellent traction and grip, helping you stay agile and quick on the court, regardless of the surface.

Shop for the Latest Tennis Shoes From Trusted Brands

At Midway Sports, we're dedicated to offering our customers the highest level of service and satisfaction. Explore our collection of men's hard court tennis shoes today and find the perfect fit tailored to your game, style and budget. Our  friendly customer service team is here to help if you have any questions or need assistance finding the perfect pair of shoes.