Rawlings Heart of the Hide R2G 33"Catchers Mitt

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The Rawlings Heart of the Hide R2G 33 inch Catchers Mitt PRORCM33-23BC offers stability behind the plate for catchers everywhere. The position of catcher is easily one of the most important on a baseball team. They act as the sheriffs of the field, calling out plays, and telling everyone on the field what to do with the ball. In addition to being a great performing glove, it also looks fantastic with a black conventional back and a tan web and tan lacing and lining. Rawlings also gives you forgiveness with a finger pad to prevent stinging from your team's ace pitchers. Once the ball hits your glove, it'll stick like glue. The true measure of a catcher's glove is how easy it is to retain the ball pitch after pitch. The 33-inch design gives you a deep pocket that will help you catch everything.