Relace Red Laces.

Relace Red Laces

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Relace Red Laces

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  • Love your glove?

    We offer some of the best relacing jobs in the world! Here's how it works...

    1. Select the color of lace that you would like.
    2. Select whether you want us to relace just the web or the entire glove.
    3. Place your order.
    4. We will provide you with a prepaid shipping label via email.
    5. Safely pack your glove, ship it out to us and sit tight!

    Our turnaround time from when we receive the glove is 5-7 business days. It takes us:

    • 1-2 days to relace a glove’s web
    • 3-4 days for entire glove
    • 1 day relacing service can be requested, but requires a $20 express fee

    After the relacing process is complete, we ship out your glove using USPS Priority Mail which takes 1-3 business days depending on location.

    Who pays for shipping?

    You pay to get your glove shipped to our experts and we will pay for your shipping on the way back!

    Return shipping is only FREE if you use our standard shipping method.

    If you need your glove faster than our standard shipping time, you may request a faster shipping method at checkout. We will then contact you via email for your desired return shipping method.

    *If express shipping is needed, the buyer will pay the shipping both ways.

    What laces do we use?

    Genuine American Rawhide Lace

    Standard 3/16” wide

    Same lace used on all Rawlings Heart of the Hide and Pro Preferred gloves