Wilson A2K Spin Control 1786 11.5" Baseball Glove

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Wilson A2K Spin Control 1786 11.5" Baseball Glove: WBW100409115

Wilson is outfitting this top-of-the-line A2K glove with some of their most innovative technology. Grab one today at JustGloves!

Glove Benefits

Wilson has created this A2K model with the Spin Control technology that will appease the wants and desires of any fielder! By adding hundreds of dimples to the catching surface of the glove, its ability to cut down the spin of the ball is greatly increased. Fewer baseballs will retain their spin during a catch and force themselves out of the grip of the glove due to this technology that increases the amount of friction the glove puts on a baseball.

And as you can always expect with an A2K, this glove features the Pro Stock Select leather that is picked from the top 5% of hides that Wilson receives. On top of that, this glove will have the Double Palm Construction that places a thin, strategically placed piece of leather between the inner palm liner and catching surface shell of the glove. This gives the glove more pocket stability and reduces wrinkling in the palm area of the glove.

Lastly, this specific A2K is made in the 1786 pattern that will be made specifically for infielders. We think that 2B and SS and will be especially attracted to this glove as the Wilson H-Web with the double laced X's should create a relatively shallow pocket that will promote quick transfer times (3B's can also use it too!).